What Is a Qualified Written Request?

A valid written request is a formal letter you send to a mortgage provider when you think the company has committed an mistake. It is also a way to request additional information or details about your account.


What Is a Qualified Written Request?

The qualified writing request (QWR), also known as QWR, also known as QWR is a formal piece of writing sent by the borrower of a mortgage to their mortgage servicer, the company which manages monthly mortgage payments.


An lender isn’t always the same company that you requested your mortgage loan. In many cases, mortgage loans are sold following the closing. Your servicer is the entity which you pay your monthly payments.

QWRs can be used to make a complaint or to request additional details. QWRs can be used pursuant to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act that protects the mortgage applicants as well as borrowers. There are 10 possible errors you could be able to report using the QWR. 1 These are:

  1. Failure in accepting a valid credit card
  2. Inability to make a payment in a correct manner
  3. Inability to credit a transaction on the date of receipt
  4. Failure to pay your property taxes, insurance or any other escrow charges on behalf of you
  5. The imposition of a price that is unreasonable
  6. Failure to provide a precise payment amount
  7. Not providing accurate details about loss mitigation and foreclosure avoidance alternatives
  8. Inability to transfer accurate and current information to the new servicer for loans
  9. Violating foreclosure processes
  10. Incorrectly granting foreclosure

It is possible to report other errors in the same way, so in the case that they are related to the service of the loan and not to in the process of origination or underwriting or any other procedure that’s outside the control of the servicer.


How Does a Qualified Written Request Work?

For sending an QWR it is necessary to locate the correct location for your mortgage provider. In accordance with laws, mortgage servicers are permitted to designate specific addresses for the receipt of the requests. It could not be the same address you use to send your payment.

Also, you’ll need to add the following details:

  • Your name is
  • A identifyr for a loan (the credit number as an instance)
  • Information about the information you’re seeking

When the servicer has received your QWR the servicer must give a written acknowledgement of receipt within 5 days (excluding weekends and holidays). Based on the information you want, the servicer should provide a response to the QWR between 10 and 30 days following the date of receipt. 


Example of a Qualified Written Request

There’s no predetermined template for the creation of a QWR one, and the QWR you receive will depend on the specific situation and the kind of information or error that you need.

For example, if think the servicer applied incorrectly your payment, and is now making you pay late charges or triggering foreclosure your QWR might look something like this:

Attn: Mortgage Servicer
123 First St.
City, State Zip Code

To Whom It May Concern:

I’m seeking information on the loan number 1234567 as per the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act, Section 2605(e). I am of the opinion that recent payments to this account haven’t been properly applied or made in a timely manner and that later foreclosure notices and late fee charges were incorrectly sent.

So I’m looking for the following details:

  1. History of payments, which includes the dates, amount and loans made on the loan from the date.
  2. A breakdown line-by-line of all alleged late charges or penalties.
  3. A statement or verification of any indelinquent or overdue amount.

Thank you for acknowledging the receipt for this inquiry. I am looking forward to receiving your response within the next 30 days.


Full Name
Loan Number


How to File a Qualified Written Request

Anyone who is a mortgage holder is able to compose and send a written request for approval by themselves, and there is no cost to make the request. Simply write the letter, include the information, and include error address, and provide the necessary information, such as the name of your address and the loan number.

Prior to sending your QWR be sure to find the correct address of your service provider, since there might be a specific address which all QWRs have to be delivered to.

Key Takeaways

  • Written requests that are qualified can be used to request information or to report any error made to the mortgage company.
  • Borrowers do not have to pay fees or employ someone to send these documents.
  • Service providers are required to respond to questions from QWRs quickly.
  • A lot of service providers set up specific addresses for QWRs, therefore it is important to confirm with your own before you send one.
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